Tarot History

How gratifying, such praise! My virtual exhibit on Tarot History got great reviews at the 2015 Decades Festival, got held over for an extra two months in Spring to Summer 2016 at Rocca Sorrentino, and is now undergoing a complete redesign with the collaboration of Cara Cali to open at her Botanica in January 2017. I am so excited to see what we’re creating. I can barely wait for the opening — except that I have so much work to do before then. Meanwhile, please enjoy some photo highlights from its past incarnations. However, they don’t even begin to hint at what’s yet to come. So check back here in January for your ticket to the new show.

While at Rocca, the exhibit earned a place on the Second Life “Destination Guide” and remained there for a good two months. It also got some coverage by virtual world press. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to be on hand for an interview but you can see video of the exhibit in this Designing Worlds segment on the beauties of Rocca Sorrentina.

I’m combing my files to find photos I’m almost sure I snapped, of the exhibit’s first incarnation at Decades 2015, but meanwhile I can share this nice write-up:

This quote, hung at the exhibit entrance pretty much sums things up:  “Tarot may not tell a person’s future, but it tells a lot about humanity’s past.  Begin your journey through Tarot History through the door…”  Merry Chase has built an unbelievably creative exhibit that will have you marveling at both her skill as a designer and the history of the cards.
– Stephanie Mesler, in “Historical Communities & Royal Courts of Second Life


The unfinished build, shot by Thinkerer Melville while I was fighting the completion deadline, gives a little idea of the final house of cards exterior at Decades 2015, but no glimpse of the labyrinth of rooms within. He shared it in his Virtual Outworlding blog.