Anne Bonny, for TLAP Day

Talk like a pirate and fight like a girl. Her last words to Captain Calico Jack Rackham were, “Had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.”

Bonny Annie is a fanciful history of a real historic figure. For the real story look up Anne Bonny, pirate, c 1700 – c 1782.

This lyrical nonsense based on Anne Bonny was inspired by the prompt “furbelow” at a writing session with Virtual Writers, where I always find inspiration or, if not, then commiseration.


Feathered Thing vs. Uplifted

Faith is a fickle friend. Here are two poems, to give equal time to Doubt and Belief. They also present conflicting impressions on nudity: is it a form of vulnerability, or of freedom?

First, to express doubt, I offer a “Feathered Thing.”

Feathered Thing

And then again, there are those transcendent moments that call forth belief, and so we’ll answer that dismal “Feathered Thing,” with the upbeat, “Uplifted.”

uplifted supernatural

Care to comment? I’d love to get some reactions — to the poems, to the ideas, to the debate.


Willendorf came up in conversation today. I’ve moved closer to there, since I wrote this. Ciao, for now, Milo! Here’s to Goddess, whence-ever she hails, by any name you hail her.

Trinity 2016 July