Anne Bonny, for TLAP Day

Talk like a pirate and fight like a girl. Her last words to Captain Calico Jack Rackham were, “Had you fought like a man, you need not have been hang’d like a dog.”

Bonny Annie is a fanciful history of a real historic figure. For the real story look up Anne Bonny, pirate, c 1700 – c 1782.

This lyrical nonsense based on Anne Bonny was inspired by the prompt “furbelow” at a writing session with Virtual Writers, where I always find inspiration or, if not, then commiseration.



Willendorf came up in conversation today. I’ve moved closer to there, since I wrote this. Ciao, for now, Milo! Here’s to Goddess, whence-ever she hails, by any name you hail her.

Trinity 2016 July

Senryu Set 2

Having just participated in creating a virtual history exhibit I’ll celebrate by posting this set of Senryu, some of which reference the past.

Senryu Set 2