Merry Chase is the pen name of a reclusive poet, tarot reader, and chronically ill person.

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Because she spends a lot of time in pain and exhaustion, her site may go long months with no updates, but because she sometimes writes for distraction from pain, sometimes gets the energy to illustrate and publish a batch of old poems, and sometimes blogs to raise awareness and/or funds, you’ll see sudden flurries of activity.

Poems get published!

Projects get updated!

Updates get posted!

And more!

There’s always more that Merry dreams of making. So many creative ideas, so little energy. She does what she can, but then she falls back — imagine, if you will, that she falls back on a plush velvet fainting-couch, lace-trimmed handkerchief drifting to the Turkish carpet from a limb gone limp. Yeah, because chronic illness is real pretty like that.

Your respect for Merry’s privacy and patience with Merry’s unreliability are much appreciated. Your appreciation of Merry’s words are even more appreciated and your comments are welcome. Especially nice ones.