Tarot too!

All those poems, and tarot, too. I’ve been reading for decades, but recently, as word spread and demand for my readings grew, I decided to donate the proceeds to a very good cause: help for a housebound 23-year-old disabled by severe M.E.. Please read more about it, in my Tarot Reading tab.

NAS Queen of Hearts on hands

I don’t read with playing cards, but with a tarot deck. The queen of hearts just went so well with my manicure,  I couldn’t resist. By the way, those are Jamberry nail wraps, and just coincidentally, purchasing nail wraps and other nail care products from Pajamaberry Jamberry will also help that same good cause!

Folks who have gotten tarot readings from me in the past, please let me know in comments to this post, how did I do?

And please share my links to let your friends know.



2 thoughts on “Tarot too!

  1. Merry’s Tarot features one of the best Tarot Readers on the planet. As a Tarot Reader myself, I find that there are times of great stress where I cannot see the forest for the trees and really need the assistance of a caring, insightful reader. I’ve been receiving readings (long distance as I no longer live in the same town) from Merry Chase for over 10 years. She not only has a calm, soothing voice, but a natural optimism and humor that permeates my anxiety (many of us are rather nervous when we ask the “cards”–or the Universe–for guidance). She has her own methods and interpretations, which are layered and deep. If you ask nicely, she might even send you a written report of the reading (where the cards were and what they were; a recap of what the reading may indicate for you). No hocus pocus. No false claims. This Tarot reader is the Real Deal. Very grateful to have her as my “Go To” Q&A Maven!

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