Hey, Ho!

Hey, ho.
Chase took my home.
People pay no pennies for a poem
but still I will be Merry!

Did you too sing the original ’round a campfire? “Hey, ho, nobody home,” along with “Do Your Ears Hang Low,” and, “Little Peter Rabbit Had a Fly Upon His Nose,” were sing-along songs long ago, and like many folk songs, are fun and easy to filk. I’ll post more filks, original poetry, and some serious mixed with my sillies.

Merry Chase is not my real name, but I’m mostly merry, and taking the name Chase seems like poetic justice since Chase, Manhattan and Friends took my home. It was one of those illegal forced foreclosures involving a wild ride through the most cleverly contrived maze of miscommunication. From losing my paperwork to giving me wrong numbers to call, they made sure there was no way I could keep my family in our own house.

Meanwhile, the globe is warming. Family homes shrink in importance when we have to wonder, how long will our species and most others have a home?There’s always plenty of injustice and intolerance to protest, and I’ll be doing that here in my own little way, sometimes. And sometimes, I’m just here poeming escapistly.

Welcome to my new, improved blog.


Dove Down


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